Best Motorcycle GPS For 2018

[amazon_link asins=’B07BFC6G7N’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cruisingwithdirection-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c5af1ed4-7799-11e8-ae75-19a81ad56d89′]Motorcycles are exhilarating and everyone loves the freedom of the open road with the wind blowing against you. While having a winding journey is fun, the problem is that it’s easy to get lost. Because of this, many riders like using a GPS like with cars, but they present a few unique challenges. Aside from a lack of flat surfaces (which are often needed for car GPSs to affix the unit), there’s also the wind that could easily blow a

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Best Car Phone Holder For 2018

Long ago, when mobile technology was just blooming, everyone had a GPS in their car. While we still need a GPS to help us get around, the vast majority of people are using an app on their smartphone and not a dedicated device. Unfortunately, holding a phone is either inconvenient or even illegal depending on the state you live in, so a car phone holder or mount is necessary. Finding the best one can be difficult, especially since there are literally thousands of different mounts

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Best Front And Rear (Dual Camera) Dash Cam For 2018

best front and rear dash cam

In a world where car accidents seem more frequent, freak accidents or events plague many civilians, and where you need increased proof and documentation to prove your case, it just seems practical to get the best dual camera dash cam. These cameras are capable of recording every second of your drive, whether it be to work, vacation or daily tasks and routines. From being harassed by police to car accidents that may be hard to prove, these cameras are aimed at keeping you safe. Here

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