Best Front And Rear (Dual Camera) Dash Cam For 2018

In a world where car accidents seem more frequent, freak accidents or events plague many civilians, and where you need increased proof and documentation to prove your case, it just seems practical to get the best dual camera dash cam. These cameras are capable of recording every second of your drive, whether it be to work, vacation or daily tasks and routines. From being harassed by police to car accidents that may be hard to prove, these cameras are aimed at keeping you safe. Here are the best dash cams based on price, value and overall features.

Affordable: Pruveeo MX2 Car Dash Cam Dual Lens

best dual dash camThis is an ideal entry-level dash cam. While it’s a little short on features, it delivers on all the major areas and is both easy to use and install. Quality levels are fair, so you should have no problem identifying people or items if necessary. It’s also simple to connect the dash cam to your windshield, so you can quickly get it up and working.

The two cameras can rotate up to 320 degrees so that you can choose which one points front and back. You can attach the dual camera dash cam by using the suction cup and pushing it against your windshield. The suction cup should instantly take and grab the unit, securing it during driving.

There is a loop recording feature that is very helpful if you don’t want to regularly check your microSD card. This will erase footage from the beginning of the video so that you can seamlessly record without stopping. Quality can be either 480P or 720P, and movies are formatted as AVI files at 30fps. While there is an internal battery, it’s best to keep the unit plugged in at all times.

Value: Z-EDGE S3 Dual Dash Cam

best dual dash cam 2018This is a real jewel with a ton of features and amazing quality. While it takes a few seconds longer to install due to the rear camera being attached to the back windshield, you’ll find that this dash cam gives you all the features you’ve wanted.

Let’s start with recording quality. If you’re just using the front camera, then you can record videos in stunning 1440P. If using both the front and rear, then you can record in 1080P, which is more than enough to make out even the smallest details. The wide-angle lens is set to 150 degrees so that you can capture more than just the road (an essential element in many cases). It also comes packed with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology that is perfect at adjusting light balance so that everything is clear, even during the night.

Like so many other dash cams, this one requires a microSD card to store video. However, this goes above and beyond and allows you to use memory cards as large as 128GB. This allows for a massive amount of storage, and there’s loop recording if the memory card runs out of space.

Another feature you’ll love is the G-Sensor. This is common amongst the best front and rear dash cams. It senses auto accidents from their vibrations and will lock the video to memory, ensuring it doesn’t get recorded over during the loop recording.

Value: Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Car Dash Cam FHD

dash cam dual cameraMany of the features here will sound like a rehash of the Z-EDGE, but honestly, this one is a little better here and there. The quality is nearly identical with videos being stored in 1080P, the only difference is that you can’t get the even better 1440P the Z-EDGE offers, but 1080P is more than enough for a dash cam.

The wide-angle lens is set to 170 degrees, ensuring that you can see almost anything when you play back the video. There are blind spots in the center, but overall, you’ll be able to see people, cars or items during your ride. This dash cam also has unrivaled high-temperature durability, able to operate in 140 degrees and be stored in 160 degrees.

You can also enjoy the features of low-light recording, WDR technology, G-Sensors and loop recording. This dash cam is also capable of holding a 128GB microSD card for massive storage, and you can set loops to be in either 3, 5 or 10-minute iterations. A discrete design makes sure that people don’t notice the camera there, making it easy to go about your life and to record things naturally.

Though there is an internal battery, the dash cam should be plugged in at all times to ensure that it properly records all events without the battery dying.

Premium: Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam

best dashcam 2018This dash cam gives you so many extra features that you won’t feel any buyer’s regret for the slightly higher price tag. Let’s start with the basics. If using both cameras you can record in 1080P at 30fps, or if using the front camera only you can record either 1440P at 30fps or 1080P at full 60fps, depending on your preference. The front camera has a 170-degree viewing angle and the rear camera has a 140-degree viewing angle, both more than adequate for your needs.

It always feels like accidents and problems happen at night, so you’ll want a dash cam that can see in low-light environments. The front camera is equipped with HDR technology to balance lighting, while the rear camera has four infrared lights to help illuminate it in the dark. There’s also a mic for audio recording, which is sometimes essential during altercations.

Worried about what happens when you park the car? An internal motion detector will turn the camera on if anyone comes close to your car, ensuring that it can record events even when you’re not there. It also comes with G-Sensor technology and loop recording features.

Perhaps the only downside is that it can only accommodate a 64GB microSD memory card, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The superb video compression ensures that this dash cam can squeeze as much video as possible onto the memory card, and of course the G-Sensor ensures that all important video is kept in a special area so that it isn’t accidentally erased.