Best Car Phone Holder For 2018

Long ago, when mobile technology was just blooming, everyone had a GPS in their car. While we still need a GPS to help us get around, the vast majority of people are using an app on their smartphone and not a dedicated device. Unfortunately, holding a phone is either inconvenient or even illegal depending on the state you live in, so a car phone holder or mount is necessary. Finding the best one can be difficult, especially since there are literally thousands of different mounts out there. So to ease some of your suffering, here are the best car mounts out there.

We have divided this list into three parts. We have the cheapest mount that is guaranteed to do the job but without too many bells and whistles, the good value section which stands as a mid-tier for those who want a little more but don’t want to spend too much money, and finally the premium section with a great holder that’s a little more expensive, but definitely isn’t going to break the bank.

1. TaoTronics Universal Car Phone Holder (Most Affordable)

car phone holderWhen it comes to no frills, low cost and good value, it doesn’t get much better than the TaoTronics phone holder. This unit uses a rubber suction cup to affix to most surfaces or windows, as long as they are smooth or evenly textured. It may not work on vinyl or leather sections, so be careful and test it out before just hoping the unit is properly affixed.

According to the company, the rubber suction cup used is stickier than most and should have no problem staying on any surface once it’s properly attached. They also say that if it isn’t sticking properly, the only thing you need to do to improve it is rinse it under water and let it air dry. After that, it should be good as new.

In general, the unit is very easy to use. There are three main parts: the suction cup, the holder itself and the arm that connects the two. The holder can be rotated 360 degrees, which allows you to hold your phone either vertically or horizontally. To change the orientation, simply remove the holder and then reinstall it on the arm. This keeps the holder secure while giving you the opportunity to orient the phone however you please.

The arm itself has a little lever that allows you to either affix or disengage the suction cup, making it easy to add or remove it to any surface. The arm is reasonably thick and should absorb most of the shock from driving around, meaning that your phone should stay in place while you are using the GPS or any other app.

The holder itself has a fold-out plate and little arms at the sides that are meant to hold your phone in place. To ensure that your phone is properly held, there are just a few steps that you have to follow. First, fold out the plate at the bottom. Secondly, press the release button on the side to extend the arms. Lastly, place your phone in the plate and let go of the bottom. The arms will wrap around the phone and hold it in place.

While relatively few, there are a couple of cons to this unit. Perhaps the biggest one is that it relies on a common suction cup to hold the mount. Most of the time these suction cups are fine, but some car interiors seem to have a hard time keeping them in place. Secondly, the fold-out section covers the entire bottom of the phone, meaning that you cannot charge the device while it’s mounted.

However, one of the best things is that this can hold nearly any smartphone, regardless of its size or brand. While you’ll want to check the measurements to ensure that your device isn’t the exception, you should have no problems keeping your phone mounted while you’re driving.

2. Ideas4Comfort Magnetic Phone Holder (Best Value)

best car phone holderSlightly more expensive than the TaoTronics units, the Ideas4Comfort mount is still quite affordable and gives you numerous extra benefits for the additional money. This definitely ranks as one of the best car phone holders because it doesn’t rely on suction cups to mount the phone (and as we said before, these suction cups are occasionally unreliable). Instead, you’ll get a set of magnets. Don’t work, these magnets won’t do anything to your phone or car, and they are easy enough to remove if you want them off or if you want to move the unit.

So here’s how it works. You get several magnets with your package. Each magnet comes with some adhesive tape so that it can stick to any surface (don’t worry, it’s strong enough to stay still, but remember, you can remove it). First, place the main magnet wherever you want the phone mounted. Unlike with suction cups, the tape sticks to ANY flat surface. You don’t have to worry about texture or material. If the adhesive stays, then you have a fine place for your phone holder. Not only that, but the magnet’s footprint is incredibly tiny. You can put it anywhere in your car (you can also place it in the house if you’d like) because the space needed is so small.

After that, place the mount itself on the magnet. This looks like a small sphere with another magnet attached to it. Now all you have to do is place the last magnet on the back of your phone. The magnets are as thick as stickers, so it shouldn’t bother you having it on your phone. There are two size stickers, one for phones and one for tablets. If you happen to have phablet or very large phone, then you may want to use the larger sticker.

Now all that’s left is to place the magnet on the back of the phone near the mount and that’s it. Not only will the phone stay in place while you’re driving, but you can spin it around 360 degrees to get the right angle or orientation. The magnet pull is very safe and strong, but you’ll have no problem removing it when it’s time to get your phone.

While you might be a little hesitant to put your phone in the hands of magnets, believe me, this is a great product and it’s truly worth the money.

3. iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Car Mount Universal Holder (Premium)

cell phone car mountThis is easily one of the best car phone mount you’ll find. It’s stable, it’s full of features and it’s all ergonomic. Let’s get started with the mount itself. The unit comes with a suction cup, but don’t be fooled. This isn’t your standard suction cup. It’s easily one of the strongest in this niche, and it has no problem sticking to almost any surface. You’ll still have to consider material, so ensure that suction cups will work with your intended mounting area, but otherwise, it’s incredibly strong and stable.

Not only that but sticking the suction cup to a surface is much easier. Normally you have to smash the suction cup against your intended surface, push out all the air, and ensure that surface is flat and that it properly sticks. With the iOttie, there’s a single button that you push. Just a gentle push and the suction place will lock in place. Believe me, it’s so much easier than the primitive method.

There’s an optional mounting disc that you can stick to any area that will improve the suction cup’s hold. It’s not necessary but definitely recommended for safety. The disc is only slightly larger than the suction cup itself, so it won’t take up much room.

The mounting arm is telescopic and moveable, which is great if you want that perfect angle. You can extend it, move it up or down and lock it in place with ease. Regardless of what might be in the way, you’ll be able to get around it with this arm.

Now for the plate itself that holds your phone. In many ways, it’s similar to the TaoTronics unit. There’s a bottom plate that holds the phone and little arms to the sides, but that’s where the similarities end. The bottom plate is open, which gives you access to the charger. The arms are much smoother, which reduces the change of scratches to your device. There’s also an easy release button to safely remove your phone. And, like with most holders, you can turn the phone sideways if you’d like.


While price will always be a consideration for any purchase, the good news here is that even the premium car phone holder on this list is still fairly inexpensive. So it comes down to a matter of preferences. Which details stick out to you the most, which features do you want or need? Regardless of your choice, you’re bound to end up with a good phone holder that will help you navigate while driving.