Best Backpacks for College (Fits Laptops & Books, Some With USB Ports)

It’s time to go off to college. You’ve got your school picked out, your classes are perfectly selected and you’ve bought all the textbooks. Maybe you’re forgetting one thing: a backpack. Most students don’t give this much thought. While you can always use an old high school backpack or just any bag on clearance, that doesn’t look professional and it doesn’t really work properly. Here we’ll look at the best backpacks for college students that have the capacity, looks, and features that a stellar student like yourself needs on campus.

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack With USB Charging Port

If you’re looking for a spacious rucksack with lots of compartments and a beautiful, vintage look, then this is the best backpack for college. The outer material is lightweight polyester, but it looks more like canvas or denim. Leather belts on the front secure the top fold, and there’s even a USB charging port that connects a power bank to your smartphone or tablet.

Measuring 6.8-by-11.8-by-15.8 inches and weighing only 1.4 pounds, this is incredibly easy to carry around and gives you tons of space. You get six different compartments. There’s the laptop compartment (can fit up to 15-inch laptop), the main pocket for books, front zipper pocket for small books and notebooks, a pencil case and two side compartments.

All in all, this backpack’s a winner. It looks great and has tons of room so you can go from class to class without stopping to get other books or supplies.

Kuprine Water Resistant Slim Backpack

This backpack looks a little more traditional. While it might look like a common backpack, it’s got a ton of features and a lot of compartments for books, your laptop and everything else you carry around. It measures 4.7-by-14.5-by-18.9 inches and weighs just slightly under 2 pounds. The outer exterior is waterproof and wicks away moisture, like sweat, to keep you cool as you walk around.

The laptop compartment is right behind the straps, making it inconspicuous. You can fit all laptops under 15 inches, and some very thin 17-inch laptops may fit as well. You get three main pockets, eight inner pockets and several other pockets around the sides for accessories, like water bottles. Within the main pockets are also sections for smartphones, wires, small notepads and anything else you’ll need.

If you’re looking for organization and something that hides your laptop, then this is your best bet!

Wowbox Laptop Canvas Backpack Unisex Vintage

This beautiful rucksack is both appealing and functional. Coming with a good amount of compartments and enough room for a laptop, you’ll find that this backpack should have no problems accommodating your books and college accessories.

This item measures 8.5-by-15-by-17.5 inches and weighs 2 pounds and is made from canvas with a magnetic top flap. A drawstring is used to close the main compartment, which many find is more convenient than zippers.

Unlike many of the other backpacks here, this has one large interior compartment and several small compartments on the sides. While this might seem bad to some, it’s ideal for people who don’t want to search through several compartments just to find their book. There’s a sleeve within the compartment to hold 15-inch laptops. The shoulder strap is wider than usual, ensuring you have extra support and the weight is a little easier to bear.

If you don’t want a bunch of compartments, but instead a single one with lots of space, then you’ll like this backpack.

Sweetbriar Classic Laptop Briefcase

For the longest time, college students used briefcases and letter carrier bags to carry their books and laptops. While they aren’t quite as popular as before, there are still many students who love them because they look professional and offer a good amount of room for laptops and books. This particular unit measures 6-by-12.5-by-16.5 inches and weighs 3 pounds. It’s made from vegan leather, but you wouldn’t know it from how it looks. Also, it’s quite affordable.

This letter carrier bag comes with one large main compartment where you can put books, and a secondary compartment for your laptops and several smaller compartments on the front for pens and accessories. Most conventional laptops will fit in here, up to 15.6-inch laptops. Aside from the main strap that you can place around your shoulders, there’s also a handle on the top if you’d prefer to use that.

If you want to come off as a professional who’s organized and ready to step up in the world, then this is the best backpack for you.

Joberry Backpack, 20 Inches Daypack Laptop Bag

This is a massive backpack that’s perfect if you have several classes booked back to back and you have no time to deposit books from one class and get others that you need. Measuring 6.7-by-12.2-by-18.1 inches and weighing 2.8 pounds, this backpack is made to hold all the books you have. Made from nylon and polyester, this makes the bag lightweight, waterproof, resistant to scratches and even machine washable.

There is one main compartment with several ones on the sides. You’ll be able to store your laptop, tablet, books, and notebooks in the main compartment, and accessories like pens and such in the side ones. The straps are adjustable to improve comfort, and the material is nice and soft so it won’t irritate you as you walk around. Most of the compartments are secured with both zippers and snap buttons, ensuring that stay closed until you want to open them.

This backpack is all about size, making it ideal for busy students with crammed schedules. It also looks stylish and is perfect for other uses, like camping or vacations.


There are many great backpacks for college students, but the best ones must offer room for laptops, enough compartments for books, be lightweight and also look great. All five of these backpacks hit the mark and offer different features that you are sure to love. Whether you’re trying to look professional or just cram everything into one bag, you’re sure to find one who works for you.