Best Air Mattress For Camping 2018 (Looking At Queen Size)

Whether you just need a replacement bed or want something super comfortable for outdoor sleeping, getting the best air mattress will ensure that you have a restful night. These air mattresses are very similar to regular beds, making them much better than your run-of-the-mill sleeping bags if you need them for camping (we already looked at sleeping pads and hammocks for camping). While portability suffers a little from their increased size, they are definitely the most comfortable beds that you can buy for outdoor sleeping. As you might expect, there is a world of difference between affordable and premium products in this market, and we will go through three of the best air mattresses for camping. We’ll look at price point and the various features so that you get the right airbed for your need and preferences.

Affordable: Intex Classic Downy Airbed

best air mattress for campingThis basic air mattress gives you everything you need at an entry-level pricing. While it doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of the other products on this list, it does have all the basics covered. When it comes to sizing, this is the same as your standard queen. Standing at 60″ x 8.75″ x 80″, it stands 8.75″off the ground, making it comparable to many regular beds. However, since air gives way more than regular mattresses, this does reduce comfort somewhat. According to the instructions, you may have to top off the bed to ensure it stays properly inflated, especially within the first 72 hours of inflating the air bed. The sizing makes it easy to fit sheets and blankets around the sides.

While the middle of the bed is made with vinyl, the top is a plush flocked surface that is soft and comfortable. The design is a simple wave beam construction that is seen commonly with air beds because it’s easy to make and gives you a good sleeping surface to rest your weary bones. The top is also waterproof to ensure you don’t get mold.

The 2-in-1 valve at the side of the air mattress makes it easy to inflate and deflate the bed. Unlike small air mattresses that can be filled manually, you should never try to fill this on your own. You could spend several hours doing this and still not be finished. The valve makes it easy for you to fit both manual and electric air pumps so that you can easily fill the bed within a few minutes. When it comes to deflating, it only takes about 10 minutes to get all the air out.

Few would call larger airbeds portable, but this one is very easy to stow away and it’s not that heavy. Weighing less than 10 pounds, it doesn’t take much to carry this bed around. Not only that, but it has an impressive maximum weight of 600 pounds, making this ideal for two (or maybe even three) people.

The vinyl is 14-gauge at the top and 15-gauge at the sides, making it very durable and resistant to piercing. While you shouldn’t go at the bed with a sword or anything, it should stand up to a lot of punishment.

This is the one I went with for my house for when people sleep over. Keep in mind that you’ll have to buy the pump separately. (You don’t want a hand pump, it takes forever.)

Best Value: Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam

best air mattressesIf you don’t mind spending a little extra money and want something better than ordinary, then the Intex Dura-Beam air bed is the best option for you. Not only do you get a ton of premium features, but the top covering is so soft you might throw away your old bed. Another great thing is that the size is more accommodating for comfort as it comes off the ground much more than basic products.

Let’s start with size. The width and length are similar to your standard queen bed, but it’s much higher. This airbed stands at 60″ x 22″ x 80″. That’s right, the bed comes 22″ off the ground, ensuring that even as it bottoms out a little from weight, it will still like a real mattress. However, it’s rare for this bed to give any slack due to its impressive maximum weight of 600 pounds. Whether at home or laying on the ground, this will feel like you’re sleeping on your regular mattress.

Instead of the standard wave beam, this uses Dura-Beam construction. Aesthetically the main difference is that instead of deep grooves running down the length of the bed, there are shallow grooves down the width. It may not sound like a big difference, but it actually introduces enhanced comfort and a few other benefits. The beam is 100% more durable, adds 35% more support and it’s 15% lighter. However, all you’ll really feel is how much more relaxing the bed is.

What about the top? Made with Fiber-Tech technology, this plush top feels like a premium mattress and you’ll fall asleep in minutes. There’s also a notch near the top so that sheets stay securely on without slipping off.

One of the best things about this air mattress is that, instead of having to use an individual pump, there is one built right into the bed. Just turn the dial and the Dura-Beam will start expanding until it’s full. It takes about 4.5 minutes for the bed to fully expand. You can plug the pump into any standard wall outlet. If you need to travel and don’t have access to a wall outlet, then you can use an individual pump. It will easily fit into the nozzle.

Speaking of travel and the pump, this is heavier due to the inclusion of the pump, but it’s still considered lightweight at about 20 pounds. There’s even a carrying case that comes with the bed that you can fit it in and carry around. It’s a bit smaller than a duffle bag, so you can easily bring it with you wherever you go.

If you want a very strong mid-tier product, then this air mattress is the perfect choice. While a premium bed offers a little more, this one gives a great mix of features that you will certainly love.

Best: SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

camping mattressThis is by far the best air mattress on our list, and you’ll see why spending a little extra money can give you true luxury when it comes to airbeds. Let’s start with the basic information and then get into the best features. The mattress is 78″ x 58″ x 19″. Being a double-height bed, you get a solid 19″ off the ground, which is plenty for a good night’s sleep without worrying about the bed bottoming out and losing comfort. The maximum weight is 500 pounds. Slightly less than some other beds, but still plenty for one or two people.

The bottom has a “Sure-Grip” surface that is made specifically to keep the bed from moving. For various reasons, be it the bed’s material or putting the mattress on less than ideal surfaces, air mattresses tend to move around a little. This gets even worse if you tend to toss and turn while sleeping. This bottom will keep the bed still so that you can sleep easily without feeling like you’re moving all over the place.

ComfortCoil Technology is a patented design that allows this bed to simulate a regular mattress as much as possible. Coming with 40 internal air coils, these columns are peppered throughout the bed and keep the mattress stable while supporting your weight evenly. This provides a level of firmness not often seen with air beds, making this one of the premium air mattresses, especially if you prize sleep quality above all else.

Made from multiple layers of 15-gauge material, this product is guaranteed to resist most punctures and tears. The top is waterproof, extra thick, and flocked to provide the best feeling possible. It’s soft, plush and feels great when you lay on it. It’s also very durable, resisting wear that would often ruin cheaper air beds. Just one feel of the top will tell you that you definitely made the right choice.

Much like our best value item, the SoundAsleep bed comes with an internal pump. The pump is even more reliable and allows the bed to be inflated within four minutes. Just one click, and sit back and wait for the bed to get ready for you. When it’s time to pack up, push another button and the bed will deflate completely. Not only that, but the pump is 20% quieter than standard pumps, making it ideal if you hate noise. You can also store the cord within the mattress, keeping it out of the way until it’s needed.

Weighing slightly less than 20 pounds, you can easily roll the bed up and put it in the included carrying case when you are finished. This makes it easy to store or carry with you, depending on your needs.

If you love the softness, great sleep quality and don’t mind shelling out a few extra dollars to get the best sleep possible with an air bed, then this is easily the best available.