Best Motorcycle GPS For 2018

Motorcycles are exhilarating and everyone loves the freedom of the open road with the wind blowing against you. While having a winding journey is fun, the problem is that it’s easy to get lost. Because of this, many riders like using a GPS like with cars, but they present a few unique challenges. Aside from a lack of flat surfaces (which are often needed for car GPSs to affix the unit), there’s also the wind that could easily blow a GPS off and into the

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Best Air Mattress For Camping 2018 (Looking At Queen Size)

best camping air mattress

Whether you just need a replacement bed or want something super comfortable for outdoor sleeping, getting the best air mattress will ensure that you have a restful night. These air mattresses are very similar to regular beds, making them much better than your run-of-the-mill sleeping bags if you need them for camping (we already looked at sleeping pads and hammocks for camping). While portability suffers a little from their increased size, they are definitely the most comfortable beds that you can buy for outdoor sleeping.

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Best Car Phone Holder For 2018

Long ago, when mobile technology was just blooming, everyone had a GPS in their car. While we still need a GPS to help us get around, the vast majority of people are using an app on their smartphone and not a dedicated device. Unfortunately, holding a phone is either inconvenient or even illegal depending on the state you live in, so a car phone holder or mount is necessary. Finding the best one can be difficult, especially since there are literally thousands of different mounts

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Best Insulated Water Bottle: Hydro Flask vs. Yeti

Comparison of Hydro Flask different sizes

Whether you’re looking to keep your drinks ice cold or boiling hot, there’s no question that you want the best insulated water bottle for your drink. It’s always nice to have a beverage that stays a the perfect temperature while you’re driving. While there are plenty of offerings, perhaps the biggest war is raging with Hydro Flask vs. Yeti. These two brands have staged themselves as premium offerings, and truth is that you won’t lose if you choose one or the other. However, they both

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Best Front And Rear (Dual Camera) Dash Cam For 2018

best front and rear dash cam

In a world where car accidents seem more frequent, freak accidents or events plague many civilians, and where you need increased proof and documentation to prove your case, it just seems practical to get the best dual camera dash cam. These cameras are capable of recording every second of your drive, whether it be to work, vacation or daily tasks and routines. From being harassed by police to car accidents that may be hard to prove, these cameras are aimed at keeping you safe. Here

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Best Backpacks for College (Fits Laptops & Books, Some With USB Ports)

best backpacks for college

It’s time to go off to college. You’ve got your school picked out, your classes are perfectly selected and you’ve bought all the textbooks. Maybe you’re forgetting one thing: a backpack. Most students don’t give this much thought. While you can always use an old high school backpack or just any bag on clearance, that doesn’t look professional and it doesn’t really work properly. Here we’ll look at the best backpacks for college students that have the capacity, looks, and features that a stellar student

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Best Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper: ORCA, Pelican, Palm, Engel, Grizzly

coolers like yeti

Yeti has positioned itself as one of the top brands when it comes to coolers, and it’s easy to see why. These things are tough, like really tough. They can take a hit, go through a blizzard, travel through heat and still keep your cans and food nice and cold. If you’re looking for unmatched quality and durability, then you can always shell out the money for a Yeti Tundra cooler. However, most of us don’t want to spend $200 on a small cooler, or

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Best Portable Grill For Camping: Coleman vs. Char-Broil vs. Cuisinart

best portable grill for camping

You’re going camping and want a way to thoroughly cook meats and vegetables. While a campfire might be idyllic, it’s not exactly practical or controllable. If you want a more gourmet experience with better results, you’re going to want a portable grill for camping. The best portable grills for camping are light, easy to carry around and have a sizeable amount of heating power. Here are a few options that are sure to make your camping experience a little tastier. Table of Contents 1. Coleman

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Best Sleeping Pad For Camping [Intex vs. TNH vs. Klymit]

best sleeping pad for camping

Whether you’re hiking, traveling or moving, having a portable sleeping pad at your disposal can turn a restless night into a relatively peaceful one. While many people think that these pads are always uncomfortable, the truth is that this the market is very wide and there are varying levels of comfort and durability that can match your preferences and price point. The best sleeping pad for camping will be easy to carry around, take only a handful of breaths to fill up and will give

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Best Camping Hammock 2018 [Looking At Singles & Doubles]

best camping hammock

One of the best things about camping is that everything is up and finished you can lay back and enjoy nature. If you really want to kick back and relax, then you need the best camping hammock to accompany you. Made from durable material, able to withstand a substantial amount of weight and brimming with unique features, you’ll quickly find out what separates regular hammocks from premium ones. There’s an amazing amount of diversity within this market considering the ropes, attachment methods, portability and so

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